Haqq Dawah Media Presents Rootimentary: Islam

September 8, 2016


Islam means peace, submission, and obedience to Allah( the Creator of all). Islam is a way of life that consists of the complete acceptance of the teachings and guidance of Allah, as revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be upon Him). Islam teaches us to worship the Creator and not the creation.


A Muslim is one who believes in Allah and strives for total reorganization of one’s life according to the guidance revealed by Allah the Quran, and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be upon him). Muslims also work to create a human society on the same basis.


Islam is not to be called Muhammadanism, due to the fact that it offends the very spirit of Islam.This implies that Muslims worship Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be upon Him) as the christians have done Jesus . This practice is condemned in the Quran and is totally foreign to the Islamic way of life.


Man has free will. Allah has revealed the right path (which is Islam) and the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be upon Him) provides a perfect example. Man’s salvation lies in following both. Islam teaches sanctity of the person and confers equal rights upon all race, gender, color or any differance.




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